The following 100 word piece of flash fiction was written for the June 15, 2012 ‘Photo Prompt for 100-word Flash #FridayFictioneers’ posted by Madison Woods.  The entries will be posted here on Friday June 15, 2012.


The trail was lit by the early evening sun, casting shadows across my path.   About mid-way, that place where the trail enjoys teasing you with a series of turns, I noticed a newly painted, white trail marker on a tree.  “A trail marker,” I thought, “why do I need one, I’ve walked this way before.”  Yet, the closer I drew to the marker, the more it drew my thoughts.

Life is like this trail.  You may know your way, only to discover that you may not be ‘lost,’ but definitely approaching shadows that counsel you to keep a stable guide.

(Shadows is a work of fiction, copyright Steven S. Walsky, June 13, 2012, all rights reserved.)

The prompt picture:

Photo copyrighted. Contact: Madison Woods


28 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. I like the image of the trail “teasing” us with its curves. I think I would have enjoyed it better if you left off the ending moral/conclusion. You kind of lead us there already, and I wanted to let my thoughts wander off in that direction and make my own conclusions. But that’s just me – everybody’s story gets me thinking in a new direction! Thanks!

    I’m on the link system, or here:

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