Six Sentence Sunday 8/5/12

This is my first time participating in Six Sentence Sunday.  Please check out all the posts.  And thank you for stopping by.

Somewhere in the yard beyond, a dove softly cooed a song.  Breen closed her eyes in concentration, a sudden shift of her body; I watched as her mouth reset itself with a tone of seriousness.  Then, as if the moment was taken over by a desire to set some memory straight, Breen turned towards me and asked in a voice that spoke of ten thousand love stories, “Do you want to dance?”  No music was necessary to dance the dance she had in mind.  She did not even wait for a verbal response, but reacted to my rising from my chair.  And when my arms enfolded her, when my lips sought out her own, she melted into my existence, and I into hers.

(From Through a Stranger’s Eyes, a work of fiction, copyright 2005, Steven S. Walsky, all rights reserved.)


6 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 8/5/12

    • Thank you. I plan to continue posting; however, a side trip may keep me away from the computer for next Sunday.

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