Catastrophic Failure (1,000 word Flash Fiction)

It was a catastrophic failure.  The entire team stood motionless; in shock.  Their faces reflecting utter disbelief.  Two months of hard work was history.  Two months of their lives, their sacrifices, hopes for the future…of possibly mankind itself, were reduced to wet walls, ruined files, and a large puddle of sticky liquid taking up a good portion of the floor.  All because Fred used a cheap keg disconnect.  “We can save money,” turned, undoubtedly, the world’s best new beer into flotsam and jetsam.

The group had decided to become brew masters during the office Christmas party.  Kathy suggested using a small company supply room, “Hell, when’s the last time Old Man Richards went in there?”  Bill researched brewing kits, while Terry looked for instructional aids.  It was Fred who proved to be the weakest link; he talked the group into buying used equipment.  Yet it was Kathy who took the brunt of the geyser that erupted just as she was checking the temperature of the keg.  Thankfully for Fred, who had taken the day off; as Kathy did not appreciate an impromptu wet tee-shirt party.

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(Catastrophic Failure, is a work of fiction, copyright Steven S. Walsky, 2010-2012, all rights reserved.)


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