Essence of Narrative: Food (second helping)

Today, in response to several email questions and the posted responses by Caddo Veil and Maddie Cochere to my September 11th post, Essence of Narrative: Food, I am posting the second example of my using food to develop a character.  No, this is not simply more free advertising for Route 11…however, I did add the company link for their store  locator 🙂

Philosophy at 3:24 AM (1,000 word flash fiction)

(Dave is telling the story of the first visit of his true love, Danielle, to his home; Donna is his best friend.)

With the house in some semblance of order, I joined them. Danielle tossed down the, now, near empty bag of Route 11 potato chips she had been rummaging through; picking out only those chips that met her satisfaction. On seeing my displeasure of her gluttony, she looked sheepishly at me and yawned.

“Danielle, at least try to make an excuse.”

“You eat your mint chocolate chip ice cream straight out of the carton and I’ll pig out on Route 11’s. Besides, SOMEONE cleaned up by combining the different flavors into one bag, and I am in the mood for the pickle flavored ones.”

Donna was amused, “The alternative Dave is to drive her to the Route 11 chip factory tonight and buy some more pickle flavored ones.”

Before I could respond, Danielle jumped in, “You can go on-line, and they list places all over the country that carry Route 11’s. Or we could do overnight FedEx from Route 11!”

I wanted to throw my hands up in defeat, but that would be ceding to both of them, “There’s no alternative involved in this…discussion. She just plowed through the bag as if there was no tomorrow. The world will most likely not come to an end before you get another bag!”

(Philosophy at 3:24 AM is a work of fiction adapted from Through a Strangers Eyes, Copyright 2005 Steven S. Walsky, all rights reserved.)

The Route 11 store locator link.

Route 11’s New Facility photo: Chips coming out of the cooker.

4 thoughts on “Essence of Narrative: Food (second helping)

    • Thank you. Of course being a Southern writer I use RC Cola and Moon Pies for serious romance:

      As the waitress started to turn away from the table Ted remembered he had forgot something, “Wait, there is something. If it’s no problem, could you please bring a bottle of RC Cola and two glasses?”… When the waitress arrived back at the table, the RC was in an ice bucket. She asked if Ted wanted her to pour. Ted nodded yes…the waitress opened the bottle with flare, and poured the contents into two champagne glasse…Ted raised his glass and when Connie raised hers, “To the most beautiful woman in the world…”…they clanked glasses and drank…and resumed their young love-gazing.

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