Six Sentence Sunday 10/21/12

For today’s Six Sentence Sunday our narrator meets Karen.


It’s 8:30 PM on a Saturday and I am shopping for a gift that I need for the next afternoon, and the shopping center keeps shrinking in size as the minutes left in the shopping day speed past.  You are forcing yourself to pick out something, anything; you NEED a gift.

“Damn, blue or green?”  “Green.”  I look up and a woman standing on the other side of the display is watching me; and, apparently, within ear shot of my talking to myself.  My fellow shopper mocks deep thought by rubbing her chin, “I’m not quite sure what shade ‘damn blue’ is,” she laughs, “sorry.”


(Adventures in Dating: Karen, a 1,000 word story posted on this site under ‘Flash Fiction’, is a work of fiction, copyright 2010, and is adapted from Through A Stranger’s Eyes, copyright 2005, by Steven S. Walsky, all rights reserved.)


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