Second First Date (1,000 word flash fiction)

Standing in the parking lot he looks up at the sky.  The evening shadows were quickly descending on the city.  It seemed as if summer had escaped on a fast-moving train, with the rolling thunder of October storms the engine’s chorus.   Yet the beauty of the trees manifesting into winter hibernation all but compensated for the now rapid transition from day to night.

The crunching of the stones under his feet, as he slowly makes his way to the restaurant’s door, is eerie.  No different than in a movie, with the rise of the orchestra in the scene where the man walks into the room to face the woman of his dreams.  He can not escape his destiny because the music controls the mood.  Romanticism may be glorious for the woman who receives the gifts of the heart, but for the romantic it’s moments like this that overwhelm logic; overwhelm common sense.

When his hand touches the door knob, feeling the coolness of the brass, he comes back to reality.  He decides to wait for her in the lobby…changes his mind and is

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(Second First Date is a work of fiction, adapted from Through a Stranger’s Eyes, copyright 2005, Steven S. Walsky, all rights reserved.)


10 thoughts on “Second First Date (1,000 word flash fiction)

  1. Sounds like part of an interesting longer story. However, I think you want to say it’s adapted from — not adopted from –Through a Stranger’s Eyes.
    You started out seeing it all through his eyes, but for an instant you flipped into her head to pull out the memory of him saying he had a thing for P.R. women. I think an editor might call you on that.

    • Personally I have never tried the ‘fizz nose’ stunt…guess some things are best left to fictional love tales. Thanks, Steve

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