Six Sentence Sunday 11/04/12.

The following Six Sentence Sunday ‘deposit’ is just a story idea I had last week while taking my recyclable to the county collection point and landfill.  (Which proves that writers are strange people 🙂  )

Mt. Stafford


He visited Mt. Stafford to donate his recyclable and a bag of household trash.  Mt. Stafford may not be very high, but it had doubled in height since he moved to the area 22 years ago.  Looking at the peak – birds circling overhead, large trucks bringing more deposits, and the scent of a thousand decaying leather gloves from winters past whiffling down to the resident drop off area – an idea popped into his head.  Using his cell, he called the County Council office and suggested that the county could make money using it as a ski slope in the winter.  The nice receptionist, swallowing a laugh, politely informed him that it would cost too much for insurance, yet still thanked him for his idea.  He was quite understandably perturbed at this reaction to a brilliant idea, and reminded the nice receptionist that next Tuesday was Election Day.


(Mt. Stafford is a work of fiction, copyright Steven S. Walsky, November 2012)

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