Six Sentence Sunday 11/25/12

For today’s Six Sentence Sunday we find Dave at Donna’s apartment and being treated to dinner.


That evening I went to Donna’s apartment so she could feed me broiled Red Snapper, broccoli in butter sauce, baby carrots, and Italian bread; Donna likes to cook and I like to eat.  Except any food that has a name that invokes memories of diseases, childhood medications, or advocates the damnation of steaks and other decent food; for example Gorgonzola cheese, scrod, and cauliflower.  OK, I’m a food snob and Donna knows my culinary limitations, and that I’m a charter member of the ‘real-men-do-not-eat-quiche/Texans-do-not-even-know how-to-pronounce-the-word’ club.  I also believe that restaurants should lose a rating star if they have names that are off the scintillation meter or impossible to pronounce.  Like the Photophosphorylation Café, which translates something akin to The Flash of Brilliant Wit Diner; a far better masthead if you ask me.  I made up that last barb just before Donna uncorked a bottle of wine and said I should either shut up and eat, or she would most likely drink the entire bottle herself before the night was over.


(Through a Stranger’s Eyes is a work of fiction, copyright Steven S. Walsky, 2005, all rights reserved.)

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12 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 11/25/12

    • Like Dave, I believe not placing on your plate items that you do not like is not being ungracious of the hosts’ hard work, but allows room for other nutritious vegetables…like cheesecake 😉

    • Thank you; maybe the writers for the Big Bang Theory can have Sheldon whisper it to Amy in an odd moment of sensuality :)-

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