Words from people’s mouths…(Chanukah candy)


The ‘sparks’ of life that can ignite one’s writing mind.

I was invited to an early Christmas/ Holiday gathering of friends on 8 December for hors d’œuvre and talk.  Being the first day of Chanukah I thought it would be nice to bring some Chanukah candy.  Unfortunately, while I found Chanukah napkins, dreidels, and candles, candy seemed to have disappeared.  Someone suggested that I go to a store that specialized in items from around the world.

Me: (I explain the ‘why and what’ of needing Chanukah candy.)

Saleswoman (About 40 years old, nicely dressed, seemed educated): We are all out of those gold wrapped chocolate coins from Israel.

Me: Do you expect a shipment before the 8th?

Saleswoman: I have no idea. (Thinking) If you want chocolate, here’s something that would be nice.  (Picking up a small box).  It’s a pig made of chocolate and you break it open for good luck.

Me: A pig?

Saleswoman: Yes, you break it open for good luck.

Me (?): This is for Chanukah.

Saleswoman: ?

Me: (Pause) Jewish people can not eat pork.

Saleswoman (serious): But it’s made of chocolate.

Me: (I ended the conversation, thanking her for her assistance)


Orion confectionery’s milk chocolate pig.

It links the Czech tradition of fasting before Christmas so as to be rewarded on the day with a plenitude-bringing golden pig, with the Slovakian idea that a golden pig guarantees good luck for New Year.

(I found my gold coins on the 7th by pure luck.)


7 thoughts on “Words from people’s mouths…(Chanukah candy)

  1. I love it when you share these conversations with us! My hand flew to my mouth when it got to the pig part. You are so good . .. glad you found what you needed!

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