Six Sentence Sunday 12/23/12

For this week’s Six Sentence Sunday here is a Holiday story in six sentences: Eggs Benedict 


Fred decided about four days before he officially announced his Christmas vacation plans that he would ask Sally to go with him to the beach; not that she had ever indicated that she had any interest in him.  And so, as the assembled office crowd waited in line at the building food court lunch buffet, Fred standing behind Sally, whispered in her ear, “Fly to the islands with me.”

“What,” more astonished than she was about the apparent lack of eggs benedict on the table of buffet offerings, “Fly where, with whom, for what?”

“Go on vacation with me…I’ll pay…I’ll….”, she cut him off in midsentence, by holding her hand to his face, palm forward, and, having caught his attention, “Do you see any eggs benedict…I really want eggs benedict.”

Fred went on his vacation solo, and the entire time he was at his mother’s house he thought about eggs benedict.  He decided that regardless of wheather the dish originated at the Waldorf Hotel in 1894, in the 1860s at Delmonico’s, or someplace else, he would implore the buffet people to offer eggs benedict on Monday; or he would have egg on his face again when he asked Sally to the office New Year’s party.


(Eggs Benedict is a work of fiction, copyright Steven S. Walsky 2012, all rights reserved.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season.

Merry Christmas


10 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 12/23/12

    • Not sure why you would also call this very serious, thought provoking, human story “cute”; then you did say “creative” 😉 Hold on…does Susan Hunter like eggs benedict? Maybe…

      • I thought it was cute that he was going to “use” the Eggs Benedict to ask Sally out again. Susan Hunter just polished off a spinach quiche in the newest book, but I have it on good authority that she loves Hollandaise sauce – and Eggs Benedict. 🙂

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