Building Blocks (…squirrel attack poem)

abc_blocksTime molds vivid memories from one’s past into the building blocks of one’s writing…

Gray Squirrel (Photo from Wiki)

Gray Squirrel (Photo from Wiki)

And then there was the time I got bit by a wild gray squirrel.  Note I said ‘wild’; a few years later we would have a pet flying squirrel, Squeaky, who never bit anyone.

It was during second grade recess and the squirrel was on the ground, I thought, just resting.  So, being raised around all kinds of pet animals (as I grew up around dog shows and the family pet shop), I was petting it.  Unfortunately other kids came over, and I guess they scared the squirrel…I got bit at the top of the area between my thumb and index finger.  I bled something fierce (the squirrel hit a vein), the teachers were literally in shock, they called my six grade brother, who had them take me to the hospital, where I met my Mom.

The bleeding was stopped.  Then the doctor, with a very serious face, told my Mom the squirrel had died…my Mom had a serious, concerned face…I yelled “Wow, I killed the squirrel”…they looked at me with their serious faces…I thought ‘that squirrel bit the wrong kid!’…that’s when my Mom told me that they would have to test the squirrel for Rocky Mountain spotted fever.  I had no idea what that was, but from their serious faces I knew the squirrel had not been ‘resting’; and I did not want spots the size of the Rocky Mountains.  That’s when my Mom told me it was like rabies, which I understood, NEEDLES!, and I had a serious face.  Later the city health department said the squirrel was just sick and had no transmittable illnesses.

I did feel bad for the squirrel.

And, I have a nice little scar that always impressed the ladies…”Yah, I got bit by a wild squirrel.”

Squirrel Attack

Think about your ‘building blocks’; we can not write without them.

Per a Washington Post February 16, 2014 article, being ‘bitten by a squirrel initial encounter’ now has a medical code W53.21XA.

8 thoughts on “Building Blocks (…squirrel attack poem)

    • True, using the squirrel scar with the ladies made more sense than, referencing from my prior Building Block, using the opening line: “Have you ever seen Ronnie Bell and her twin Liberty Bells?” 🙂 Thanks. Steve

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