A writer’s contemplation (Repetitious)

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A writer’s contemplation:  The REPETITIOUS use of a word can be monotonous, tedious, and pedestrian to editors.  If you want to give a special editor a jab in the side, feel free to use the following sentence:

“Not to sound repetitious,” said Jim for the umpteenth time, “however, after overhearing us talking about Barbara’s infamous date with that bargain hunter barista in Barbados and her recent barbell misadventure at the gym, the bartender at BarNone explained why he has barred Barbara from his bar, saying that to celebrate passing the Bar exam, Barbara had lowered the bar to a new low, and in a night of barhopping closed his bar after sitting on, falling off, sitting on a barstool and having a Barbari, a Barbella, a Barbary Coast, and a Barbed Wire, all ordered unbeknownst to the bartenders by other bar patrons; he then added, barring any further repetitious, tedious,pedestrian behavior, he may lift the bar on Barbara.”

Hope that sentence was not too short 🙂


12 thoughts on “A writer’s contemplation (Repetitious)

  1. But the bit about the bar belied the better bits by biting back the bitter bits that inhabited the bits before because the bits that orbit the bit behind that bit were a bit belittling beside the bits that belabored that bit and sounded like an obituary from the Hobbit that bit off more than it could chew… bit by bit…

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