The Cliché Date (Flash Fiction)

The Cliché Date

A disaster of an evening comes to its climax. “I have always wondered how people can accept cliché’s.  Take for instance ‘life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what to expect’.  Life is more like a box of facial tissue.  You desperately need one, and either the box is empty, or when someone else pulled the last pop-up one out, the next one just stares at you while lying flat in the box…of course you have to fight your way through the slit in the plastic, and then wrestle with the piece of tissue that does not want to be used for a nose wipe.” She sits there wondering if this was a joke, or was he serious.  Even more so, she wonders why she is sitting there; ‘Just pulled the lemon puff out of the box on this date’.” He continues, “Take for instance, ‘wet behind the ears.’  Do you know it’s an allusion to the inexperience of a baby, so recently born as to be still wet?  Give us a break, everyone who has ever been caught in the rain without a hat has been wet behind the ears.” “Are you asking for my opinion, or if I wear a hat when it rains?” He gives pause…”You being humorous?” “Weren’t you.” His smile evaporates, he sits straighter in his chair, questioning eyes, “No, I thought we were having a serious conversation.” She stands and, in a very nice voice, as she walks away from the table, “Guess I better head home, cause I’m drunk as a skunk…this date stinks.”


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