Six Line Clouds

six line cloud poems


8 thoughts on “Six Line Clouds

      • Okay, help me out a bit–did you originate this form: “6-line cloud”, or is my brain still asleep? What are the “rules”? As I didn’t discern exactly how the form/style “works”. You’re so sweet to mention PBR!

      • Rules…what rules? I decided to write poems of six lines about clouds. The relationship is simply 6 lines of free style poetry. I guess for clouds they should have been free form. But, like I said, rules…what rules. Of course you may want to go 8 lines for your PBR poem, and free form is also appropriate for the ride. 😉

      • Ha ha ha ha ha ha–YES, free form for the ride, as long as you don’t touch the bull and get DQ’d–and 8 lines is perfect, you’re truly a genius!! Thanks for both the poetry prompts and the laugh today–great fun!

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