No Pun Intended (Flash Fiction, pure whimsy)

After reading my November 11, 2013 humor post Paronomasia on puns, someone suggested that you could write an entire story just using puns…hummmmm?  Not one to pass up an interesting suggestion, here goes.

No Pun Intended

Dan’s initial decision to become a pilot was up in the air.  Nevertheless, Dan is very proud to be an airline pilot and, as he will tell people, during his test flight he flew through a rainbow and passed with flying colors.  Most of all, Dan remembers the foremost thing his training instructor told him, “To become a pilot requires a good altitude.”

As an airline pilot Dan makes many friends in high places.  For example, one day flying to Orlando, Florida, Dan was summoned to the passenger cabin and a sobbing woman told him, “The airlines have become so cash-poor, they charged me for my emotional baggage.”  Simile told Dan that she was an astronaut at Cape Canaveral and had been dating a fellow astronaut; they put an end to it because they both needed their space.  When Dan suggested to the Cabin Attendant that maybe some food would help the young lady, the crew member replied, “Don’t expect to eat something fancy when you’re flying, because it’s plane food.”  Simile laughed, “What a day, I could not even remember how to fasten my seatbelt; then it clicked.”

A week or so later someone asked Dan how his date with Simile went, he replied, “It wasn’t serious, I just metaphor coffee.”

(No Pun Intended, copyright Steven S. Walsky, January 2014.)


14 thoughts on “No Pun Intended (Flash Fiction, pure whimsy)

    • Thank you DianaC; however, I have to give credit to the Internet and that wonderful Google search ability for making me aware of far too many puns.

  1. oh this is really good!
    I am not sure I could do that….but …nah….LOLS not even going to try
    my thoughts would get twisted in my tongue
    Thanks for sharing a great smile today
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Maddie, I would not want to mislead you, or you might write me into a story and one of your detectives will ‘bounce off of me’; so I am happy that I gave away my writing secret: ‘Googling the vast Internet.’ 🙂

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