A-LIST of interesting story fodder




I thought I would share with you some interesting story fodder from Google search bonus information.  Please feel free to use the following:

A business opened up in 2011 by a man who died in 1993.  Thought, since he is/was buried next to his wife, does she know that he is no longer retired?

As strange as it may be, according to both the 1990 and 2000 US Census, the most common surname in the United States was not ‘Hayyou’.  It was Smith, at 2,376,207 in 2000; while Hayyou did not even make the top one hundred.

At about 750,000,000 annual cookie sales, the Girl Scouts sell 1,350,000,000 less than Oreos.

And can we believe everything Penny says?  Even with Sheldon Cooper and crew  trying to scientifically disprove that Penny had once tipped a cow back in Nebraska, the majority of male Big Bang Theory viewers (not pointing any fingers) still believe Penny.

So, I went to the world’s authority on just about everything, to see if they had instructions on cow tipping.  While the Wiki article on Cow Tipping did not provide instructions, the article did provide an understanding of the science one needs to know when approaching a cow:

(A) 2005 study led by Margo Lillie, a doctor of zoology at the University of British Columbia, concluded that tipping a cow would require an exertion of 2,910 newtons (654.2 lbf) of force, and is therefore impossible to perform by a single person.  Her calculations found that it would take at least two people to apply enough force to push over a cow if the cow does not react and reorient its footing.  If the cow does react, it would take at least four people to push it over.  Lillie noted that cattle are well aware of their surroundings and are very difficult to surprise, due to excellent senses of both smell and hearing] but that according to laws of static physics, “two people might be able to tip a cow” if the cow were “tipped quickly—the cow’s center of mass would have to be pushed over its hoof before the cow could react”.  The Lillie study has been replicated by other researchers, who confirmed that at least two to four people can, in fact, push over a cow.”


8 thoughts on “A-LIST of interesting story fodder

    • Per the first paragraph — did I mention first para, but my pleasure to assist — of the referenced Wiki article, “as cows do not sleep standing up, and the implication that a cow can be pushed over and not stand up again is incorrect, as, unless injured, cows routinely lie down and can easily regain their footing.”

      OK, the cows get back up and milkshakes were invented. 🙂

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