Ese’s Shoot And Quote Weekly Challenge: Empty

This post is in response to Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Weekly Challenge; this week’s challenge is: Empty.

Fence Luzern.4

Please forgive me for quoting myself.  I took the picture in the early 1970’s on a visit to Lucerne and the words are the opening stanza of my poem, The Start of Life, that I composed on my return from another visit; to a Lucerne that was blanketed in snow and I remembered the picture.

(Picture and poem The Start of Life, are copyrighted by Steven S. Walsky, all rights reserved.)

13 thoughts on “Ese’s Shoot And Quote Weekly Challenge: Empty

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  2. It is beautiful that you quoted yourself, Steve! Your words with the photo…a very powerful combination. The world of each picture…also each word…the worlds colliding or passing by closely, and where it all takes us…
    Thank you very much for being a part of the challenge.

    • You’re very welcome Ese, and thank you for kind words; and of course, thank you for your wonderful poetry and photography on Ese’s Voice.

  3. Nice pic-I used to have a really good film carmera and knew how to use it. I had some greatt pics but after a lot of illness and tragedy, I just couldnt catch on to the complicated digital that I could use my equipment on. Digital is so much easier to get a good phootot, I just had to be atisfied. beebee

    • Thank you. Interesting you would make this comment, as this past weekend I was out of town (why this response took a while), and one topic that I brought up was that I wanted to get a nice digital SLR camera to replace my older pocket-size one; however I can not make up my mind as to which one I want. I was very into photography art wise, too include darkroom work, and would like to get more active again. Hope you can start photoing away soon.

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