need and want.2






6 thoughts on “Signs

    • Thank you Skye, you’re readership and comments are very much appreciated. And I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. Hope y’all made it through the storms OK.

  1. That was splendid. It was if you pulled those words outta my head. Btw…you left me a comment about a post I had up of which I took down called, slip of the day. But I didn’t put it up there and you said something about winnings or something like that. Maybe there is some thing mystical going on but I was so unsure about it that I thought my WordPress was going to be compromised..your thoughts on that in a more elaborate sense would be great.

    • Thank you Mike. Ref your post, I mentioned that I have apparently won a ton of money according to the emails I receive, but have not responded to: “We have been trying to contact you reference (Mr. who’s name you do not remember estate; the free Hong Kong lottery ticket; the winning fortune cookie you left on the table at the hotel, etc.), please send your bank account number so we can transfer the funds.”

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