The Election (flash fiction, pure whimsy)

John was angry as he left the gym, and even the sudden warmth of spring did not make him feel better.  In fact, the walk home made his legs ache more.  When he arrived back at the house, he immediately sought out the most comfortable chair, the recliner; and with shoes blissfully off, legs elevated, he rested.

Later that day he attended the City Council meeting; it was election time and the candidates were speaking.  First up was the guy who spoke about the need for more fiscal control.  The second speaker was a man who was always being quoted in the paper; not for anything important, just quoted.  Obviously this candidate was well connected.  This candidate was for increasing the budget to pay for new ventures.  His motto was ‘Stand tall, walk tall, and know where you are stepping.’

Finally it was time for members of the audience to make their remarks.  When it was John’s turn, he slowly rose from his seat and looked squarely at the ‘new ventures’ candidate, who smiled at John.  However, John did not smile back.  “My fellow citizens, I believe we should not allow ourselves to be taken in by money spenders.  Especially ones that spend our money.  Particularly people who do not practice what they preach.”

To say the ‘new ventures’ candidate was shocked, upset, was an understatement.  He glared at John.  However, John continued, “Some people are in such a hurry they do not think about others as they rush off to another meeting to gratify themselves.”

“WHAT, how can you say such utter nonsense!  Do you know how to manage a city?  I doubt it.  What, you go to the gym and exercise, and you think that makes you a spokesperson for the populous.”

John comely responded, “You may smile and like to shake hands, but, BUT, you have no idea what is going on around you.  No, you see only ‘you’ in the mirror; only your property is important; other people’s property is for you to use.”

“So I bumped into you at the gym…I’m sorry, accidents happen, I was in a hurry.  How can you say such utter BS about me…what, we go to the same gym and you think you know everything there is about me?”

The Chairman quickly called the meeting to a close.

After the local newspapers wrote about John’s experience at the gym, the ‘you think you know everything about me ‘ candidate lost.  Most people felt it was John’s final comment as he left the meeting, “I know everything about you…I had to walk a mile in your shoes!”

(The Election, copyright Steven S. Walsky, May 2014, all rights reserved.)


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