A writer’s contemplation (fun with homophones)

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Homophones are words that have different meanings yet sound alike; the spelling may, or, may not be the same.

It’s time for Fun with Homophones.

So, be an idol and don’t be idle, or go fourth, go forth first and plot out your plot and sow some.  Or, if ore is in the way, while you rap a tune sew some wraps for a barren baron to buy.  If one heading for the pass should just pass by, you have still won, be still at the old still, be just, and just wave a high hi, not a bye.  And remember bard your tales of yore if you’re gate is barred to the gait of the hoarse liar lyre player’s horse.  Also remember what the prophet said, you’ll flee profit if you pare a pair of pares with fleas.




6 thoughts on “A writer’s contemplation (fun with homophones)

  1. Thank you, Steve, for the chuckle maker. My dear husband has been smiling at some of the homophone inspired errors in my novel draft. It’s always good to keep your sense of humor when being edited.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

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