The times they are a changing…

MG pic

Here’s a ‘musical note’ on editors 🙂

Professionally, I had to write comprehensive papers on a wide range of topics for senior government decision makers. The most difficult papers to place in the ‘out box’ were the ones that went through publication editors.  At times, editors do not ‘speak’ in a language that the ‘human’ reader can quickly grasp.

About five years ago, Steve, being in a sarcastic mood (bet, you’re surprised) posted this picture near his desk.  And yes, not everyone was amused; and sadly, some coworkers in the Washington, D.C. 50+ age group did not even know who, or what, it was about.

Bob Dylan

As writers we must always remember “The times move (on), and we too move (along) in them.”

This post was thought of thanks to a nice comment by Thom Hickey on my June 6 Building Blocks (Thank You Linda Ronstadt) post, and my visit to his blog The Immortal Jukebox, A Blog about Music and Popular Culture.  Please visit his blog.








4 thoughts on “The times they are a changing…

    • Hint: Robert Allen Zimmerman’s birthday was only a few weeks ago on May 24 (1941, Duluth, Minnesota). The Times They Are a-Changin’ was his third album. Need a visual clue? Granted he does look different at age 73, however, if you’re in Cork, Ireland this Monday night, he’ll be singing at the Marquee. 😉

      • Oh my–I live under a rock. I’ve never paid much attention to Bob Dylan before. He’s an interesting man from what I saw in this interview. Have you seen this one from 60 Minutes?

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