A writer’s contemplation (fun with homophones, take two)

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It’s time once again for Fun with Homophones.

“Tom,” ceded Lou, “I realize that all eyes are on the World Cup taking place in Brazil, and our teams are seeded.  So, in lieu of our poker match,” as he held a match to the grill and used a poker, “let’s kick a ball around the yard.”  Lou was not really happy about this because he remembered how sore his foot was from dancing at the ball last night, and doubted that he could make a ball soar.  It had been Tom’s suggestion to play; so rather than put in his two cents, Lou had the good sense to choose not to bawl.  The scents from the wood of the BBQ fire reminded Lou of what his dad would say, “A wise man can choose what he chews on.”

Besides, the one thing Lou really dreaded was the odd chance that Tom’s World Cup team won.

A short while later, when Lou’s sore foot kick was a good foot short of the goal, Tom laughed aloud.  ‘OK’, thought Lou, ‘he’s allowed to’.  Lou had done the same thing when Tom was banned from the school band for four weeks for yelling ‘fore’ and kicking his music book at the football goal in the school yard.  A miss by a yard, and Miss Nancy yelled at him because his personal foul caused some foul smelling fowl to fly into the brass section.


For take one, read my post A writer’s contemplation (fun with homophones).




5 thoughts on “A writer’s contemplation (fun with homophones, take two)

  1. Noooooooooooo! I feel like my brain’s just been knitted. Not that I’ve got nits; knotted. Netted? No, I’ll get nutted. But not natted. Because that’s not a word, any way you spell it.

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