Fun with homophones and a summer travels note

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It’s time once again for Fun with Homophones.


He told the sports bar crowd that he has liked soccer since as a child when he got to roam Rome.  His father oversees the international offices of an overseas business.  A favorite story is the time he kneed the ball through the back door of a bakery and the ball hit the baker, who yelled at the kids, “I don’t need this while I knead the dough!”  When the ball bounced off the baker it went all the way across the small room and hit a scale.  Looking at his broken scale the baker screamed, “How will I weigh the whey?”

“Speaking of dough”, called over the bartender, “I would like to see some dough for the drinks.”

That comment reminded one guy of a story he had just seen on his phone.  Apparently a woman was at an ATM, singing the ‘do, ray, me’ song, when a doe ran by causing the line behind her to disperse.  Thankfully the ATM had already disbursed her money.

With that deer story, his girlfriend ended the chitchat with an immediate request, “Be a dear and go outside and make sure there are no bees in the car before I get in.”


For previous fun with homophones, see takes One and Two.






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