How is your summer going? (Poem)


How is your summer going?


How is your summer going,

a fellow blogger did ask


Well, the bright red rashes

and itching on my ankles

tried to answer the response task


Oh, overall it’s been fine

however, yesterday was a reminder

that life is so inclined

to have its ups and frowns


For simple chores

that so often bore

can sing a loud ‘wake up’ refrain

well, let me explain


The grass needed mowing

but nature was not cooperating 001 (2)the side of the house would have to wait

for the neighborhood bunny was dining late


And the same in the back

a loud mower would be rude  photo (2)the little nestlings eating under the deck

chirped that the noise would intrude


Which left but the front yard

available to be mowed

that is until ground nesting yellow jackets

decided to feast upon my ankles,

what nerve


For the second time in but a month

these new pests hidden under the tall grass

on me did swam for lunch

before I had the merest hunch


Thus ice for the swelling

took me back inside

but I did not hide


Although today the rashes are bright red

and the itching still plays

the bees are history ground nesting yellow jackets hole

thanks to mowed grass

and hornet spray


(How is your summer going? copyright Steven S. Walsky July 2014, all rights reserved.)

And a big thanks to fellow blogger Skye Alexander for the “How is you summer going ?” inspiration to write this poem.



9 thoughts on “How is your summer going? (Poem)

  1. Should I be smiling and laughing out loud reading this? I feel terrible giggling at your plight, but I am!!! Oh, Steve, you are such a delight. I loved this, and I am glad to have inspired it by just a simple question. You are on my prayer list daily anyway as one of my dear blogger friends, I am adding your present woes to my prayers. 😀 (yes, still giggling). Thanks for the shout out–I loved this!

    • Skye, I do appreciate your thoughts, and thankfully the rashes are almost history. Glad I could give you some humor for your morning and hope you are feeling better.

  2. a typical summer I would say
    hope you feel better by the way
    all that could stop you from having fun
    is is the past, the rest of summer for you has begun

    I had to smile at your summer…mine has been much the same
    add mosquitoes, fire ants, and chiggers in the mix
    with everyday happenings that i just have to sit and take
    another lime and salt with tequila i should have fixed LOLs..
    Glad to see you around again Steve,
    and I trust all else is going well?
    Take Care…you Matter…

  3. Loved this, Steve, although, I wasn’t happy to hear of the yellow jacket feast! Our son has been stung 3 times and each time, the reaction has been worse. I fear what it will be like if there is another time. My nephew carries an epipen because he’s been stung 3 times also, landing in ER. He’s had the respiratory reactions, so scary. Anyway, I don’t want to laugh at that part, but I do love the other ways nature interrupted your mowing…take care of You!

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