“Senseless Thoughts” (188 word flash fiction)

Senseless Thoughts

Page one: The skylight was a throwback to far too many years; a decorative piece to allow migrating birds to peek in for some inflight entertainment.  Centered over the settee, least one refer to the piece as a sofa, the glass frame of blinding noonday sun and moonless nights, provided little romantic enhancement.  Nor did the artwork on the walls; scenes of color clashes far more intense than the flowers would be in real life.  All in all, even if one took into account that she was an unconventional woman, you had to wonder just what drink frequented her lips prior to establishing this dwelling.  What senseless thoughts were dwelling in her head as she pictured fruition.***

From the look on Darlene’s face, and the quick stiffing of her body, I could read “was this about me?”  Fantastic, by letting her read my story draft, I just froze out any cuddling warmth that might have ignited.  And from the cold draft that now rose between us, I knew it was a mistake to let her eyes see the sarcastic side of me.  I wish I hadn’t done it.

(Senseless Thoughts, is a work of fiction, copyright Steven S. Walsky, August 1, 2014, all rights reserved.)

The foregoing fictional passage was written for Esther Newton’s July 31, 2014 My Weekly Writing Challenge: “I wish I hadn’t done it.”  Please visit Esther Newton’s Blog to read all of the challenge submissions.






6 thoughts on ““Senseless Thoughts” (188 word flash fiction)

  1. I enjoyed reading the opening but I loved the second part, with Darlene’s reaction! A lesson to us all! Thanks, Steve. I’ll publish this on my post Thursday and thank you for taking up my challenge 🙂

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