Ambient Light (poem)

Ambient Light

You think you can brighten her life

shed illumination of good

not strife


You reason that she needs you

and given the opportunity

she will so choose


Her soft smile speaks thousands of words

however they fell on deaf ears

far too long gone unheard


She had gifted her warm heart

to a man who took what he had planned

then swiftly left on a cold morning’s start


Now she is over cautious, she hesitates

and you want to save her heart

before it is too late


You reason you can a river of strife ford

with an  illumination of good

not discord


Look into the mirror

note what you see

for true love glows from inside the heart.

If yours glows not

all her eyes will see

are more artificial words,

not the sun, the moon, the stars.

Thus, her heart will only see

light that is far from ambient,


artificial light chimes

with abandonment.

(Ambient Light, copyright Steven S. Walsky, August 2014, all rights reserved.)


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