A writer’s contemplation (fun with homophones, take 5)

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It’s time once again for Fun with Homophones.


Standing at the counter at the deli across from the town’s canal lock, and eating a piece of bread, he wondered about lox; were salmon bred just for eating, and how much do they pay the salmon counter.

“Did you remember to buy the locks for the suitcases?”  Her question brought him back to reality, and he gave her a questioning look, “I’ll get them tonight.”

“Sure, that’s what you said at the shore when I asked you to get the two blankets, and you forgot.”

He countered with “I did not forget.  I could not find them. I know you said that you left them to the left of the concession stand; right?”

“No, I said to the right!”  “Write notes for yourself.”

She periodically complained that he never wrote down reminders; and he would simply reply that he had a rote inspired memory.  ‘He has a wood inspired brain;’ a wry thought.

When they arrived at her apartment, they saw that their deli order had gone awry; the lox was on a roll, not on rye.  In his defense, it had been difficult to give the deli worker their rapt attention, because the server rapped terribly, and loud, while he made and wrapped the takeout.

They had met when he was auditioning for a part in a local theater production.  The audition scene was one that he had seen in the movie version.  The heir to a family fortune was asking about the coming weekend weather, in order to decide whether or not the air would be too cool for his bride and too windy for his own hair for an outside island wedding.  The prospective groom and Miss did not want to err and miss an opportunity to tie the knot outside.

The audition was a no go.  The director said that he had fiddled too much with his suit tie trying to look cool; and, alas, he did not get the role.  Nevertheless, he did secure a date with the director’s assistant.  And now they were on a roll, with real wedding bells in the near future.  Of course, she said “I’ll only walk down the aisle if it’s on an isle.”  His mom thought an island wedding would be very nice, and wanted her son to see some sun and, of course, the sea.

Soon after their engagement, while eating a carrot, she had wrote him a note concerning the wedding ring.  It read (with a caret over the ‘c’ and ‘w’), don’t overlook the carat weight,  because I would hate for your mom to cheep ‘cheap’ every time she sees it.

When he read the note he laughed and wondered if the newspaper announcement should read ‘bridal’ or ‘bridle’.

And they lived happily ever after!

AND, if you are not aware, August is National Romance Awareness Month.

For previous fun with homophones, see takes One, Two, Three, and Four.







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