Swap Ideas Day

September 10th is Swap Ideas Day; the day that encourages us to share and trade ideas and concepts.  And what better way for writers to celebrate this important, yet sadly much overlooked, holiday, then to influence other writers to be more imaginative by combining puns, unusual words, and homophones in one story.

The Clown and I

The other day at the bazaar I had a bizarre experience.  I held the door open for a clown carrying a hyacinthine cachepot, because I thought it was a nice jester.  You guessed it; the circus was in town and the clown was a guest staying at a local motel.

He asked if I would snap a picture of him for ubiety, because his friends never believe what he tells them.  When he handed me his iPhone, I told him that I’ve always pictured myself taking selfies.  However, when the xanthodont smiled, his teeth clashed with the whiteface makeup and bright red nose.

I asked him why clowns liked big red noses, and he said, “Well, people notice it, because your nose is in the scenter of your face.”

He then gave me a notice about the circus at the local shore and said he was sure I would notice him because he would be the center of attraction.  I pondered out loud ‘should I bring our nine month old’.  “Of course,” said the clown, “because life isn’t fair for babies; they always get the bum wrap!”  I laughed and said that I may be too tired to go to the show because babies usually wake up in the wee-wee hours of the morning.

As the clown walked away singing Don’t Be Cruel, while fidgeting with his crewel scarf, I suddenly remembered that today was Swap Ideas Day.  So I called out to him, “Did your wife sew your paduasoy scarf?”

“Sure did,” replied the clown.

“Maybe you can scarf up some extra cash by having lions in your act.”

“Not sure about lions…”

“No worry, the circus lions won’t eat clowns because they taste funny.”

(The Clown and I, Steven S. Walsky, September 8, 2014).


Cachepot:  An ornamental container used to conceal a flowerpot.

Hyacinthine:  Of a blue or purple color.

Paduasoy:  Corded silk

Ubiety:  Location; state of being in a definite place.

Xanthodont:  One with yellow teeth.


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