Building Blocks (sports)


Sports play a respectable measure in many novels; providing human action and life environment venues.  The following Building Block snippets from my life have influenced my writing.

Smurfettes: On December 16, 1973 Baltimore, Maryland had perfect football weather; the temperature reached a high of 34F degrees for the game.  Nevertheless, 52,065 fans filled Memorial Stadium to watch the Baltimore Colts defeat the New England Patriots 18–13.   With fans like this, there should be no doubt why Baltimore was upset when the Colts left unannounced in the early hours of March 29, 1984; a sports item I am using in my ‘under construction’ novel.

However, back to December 16, 1973, when, after military duty, back in college Steve, was working part time for Pinkerton and was sent to work the game at Memorial Stadium.  I was tasked to ‘guard’ the visiting cheerleaders when they left the field at halftime.  OK, unattached young male gets to be CLOSE to cheerleaders as he escorts them to their halftime retreat; who knows the dating possibilities.

Halftime arrives, and off the field walk Smurfettes; and I am not describing their uniforms.  The girls were blue from the 34F degree temperature.

Smurfette Wiki

Quite perceptibly they were not in an approachable mindset as I escorted them.  And to make matters worse, escorting them from the field were guys who looked like your  average 6’0″, 205lbs Safeties.  Obviously there was no need for Steve to get on the elevator with them…even if there was room…retreat.

Gym Class:  I am possibly the only person who has failed college physical education  (aside from probably the characters in the Big Bang Theory).

In my first semester of college, I was sitting in the bleachers listening to the PhysEd teacher’s drone of a class introduction speech.  When he said that we would be playing badminton, I seriously asked if badminton could affect one’s tennis game (my Mom was a tennis player and she said badminton had affected her game).  The teacher, who knew me from high school, responded, “Walsky, nothing could affect your tennis game!”  The class laughed.  As the class was leaving the gym, the teacher asked if I was coming out for the tennis team, and I responded, loudly, “No, it’ll hurt my badminton game.”  Everyone laughed.

The teacher was quite upset, and told me not to bother showing up.  So, Steve, being an intelligent individual, took him for his word and did not go to the tennis team tryouts, nor PhysEd class.  Yep, I flunked PhysEd for being a no-show.

Thanks to my eventual military training I received graduation credit for PhysEd.

Think about your ‘building blocks’; we can not write without them.


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