In So Many Words (150 word flash fiction)

In So Many Words 

The sun was setting, and its radiance, like her smile, slipped through the blinds.  He had been sitting in the coffee café for over an hour, and not a single letter graced the page.  His mind was asea; his thoughts, his heart, wondering happily through memories of yesterdays and tomorrows.  When a fellow patron passed close to his table, the aroma of a fresh cappuccino only served to enhance the trance his brain was floating on.

A noise startled him; a chair had been knocked over as someone rose suddenly.  Back to reality he looked at the blank screen on his tablet.  A blank screen; how would he ever write 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month, if his mind was lost to…  He reconsidered that thought, then typed her name on the page; closed his tablet and smiled as he left the café.  Sometimes a single word speaks 50,000.

(Copyright Steven S. Walsky, November 2014.)


The idea for this piece was sparked by Esther Newton’s blog My Weekly Writing Challenge.  Each week Esther’s writing challenge has been increasing in word length (this week was to write a 40 word story).  I guess I’ll have to ‘hold’ this entry for a few weeks.  Please visit her blog for the challenge submissions and her weekly writing and marketing tips.


2 thoughts on “In So Many Words (150 word flash fiction)

  1. Wow! What a great story. I love the Nano link! Brilliant. I’m so pleased to have inspired you. Thank you. And please ‘hold on’ to this for a few weeks/months!! We’ll only be up to 50 words next week, but perhaps inspiration will strike again 🙂

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