odd thoughts to humanize the blogosphere

While most people fret, and get all fidgety while standing in a line, I tend to think up odd thoughts to humanize the blogosphere.  So blame this post on Starbucks…more precisely the family in front of me who could not decide which pastries to purchase with their drinks.  By the time their devil’s food doughnuts were awaiting digestion, I had mentally ‘written’ the following.  (Warning, if the mention of a devil’s food doughnut was mouthwateringly enticing, the following could dull your appetite.):

The actor opened a bakery because he could not find a decent role.  He likes to invite  elementary school children to visit the bakery, and they are even allowed to help out; it’s icing on the cake.  The bakery installed a no fee ATM to lure in dough nuts. Thanks to his hard work, the high school math class picnic was a success; especially the pie.  At parties, the baker always remembers what his karate Sensei told him, “Set the example by having a roll with the punch”.




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