Building Blocks (It was a cold and windy December day…)



For today’s Building Blocks, I give you a true Christmas season story in 100 words to meet Esther Newton’s December 18th Weekly Writing Challenge.

It was a cold and windy December day, as I stood in morning formation with my fellow apprehensive soon to start Army Basic Training classmates.  Then, to our amazement, we were informed that we would be sent home for Christmas; Basic Training would start on January 1st.   And so, Steve arrived back in the neighborhood, coincidentally a few days after his friend and, unwed, neighbor had given birth; attention-grabbing.  More than one neighbor ‘knew why’, and nothing I could say would change their minds.  One would remind me that his son “was not sent home from Basic Training for Christmas!”

Think about your ‘building blocks’; we can not write without them.

Why not give it a try and write a 100 word story; you have two weeks this time to send it to Esther; as the next Weekly Writing Challenge post will not be until January 8th.  Even if you do not enter a story, you should visit her blog, where she offers writing, marketing tips, and humorous posts that stimulate the writing mind.

Merry Christmas



4 thoughts on “Building Blocks (It was a cold and windy December day…)

  1. I really enjoyed this. Cleverly constructed and it made me smile. Thank you for taking up the challenge and also for your comments on my blog. Hugely appreciated. Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope 2015 is a great year for you 🙂

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