Fun with Homophones Take 7: Fred’s Zanyism


It’s time once again for Fun with Homophones.  To add some zest, and to recognize 76 years of Scrabble, I have included some uncommon ‘Z’ words in Fred’s Zanyism.

Fred’s Zanyism

Fred knew that the library had the new gnu book that he was looking for.  To elicit his friends’ attention when he found it, Fred called aloud to them.  Unfortunately, yelling in the library was zanyism and not allowed, and his illicit behavior earned Fred a quick exit.  Now what?

The café across the street looked inviting; and, thought Fred, he still had the paper to write for class.  “Who needs references,” thought Fred, “I wrote my zenography paper thanks to my rote memory.”  Once inside, Fred ordered coffee.  Eying the menu, Fred thought about ordering food to complement the coffee.  Looking at his watch, Fred decided that it was too early for lunch, because Fred had eaten breakfast at eight.  However, hunger ate at him, and a bowl of chili would be just right on this chilly day.  Nevertheless, he settled on the zabaglione.

Fred sat at a window table, so he could watch for his friends.  The zarf was nice, however the coffee was weak; second time this week he had experienced this.  Obviously, there would be no compliment forthcoming for the coffee maker’s coffee maker.

After about an hour, Fred, tired of writing, was concerned that he would find a ticket on his car’s windshield.  The last thing he needed was to be fined for leaving the car in the Library parking lot.

So, using his head for a change, Fred sent a text to his friends saying that it was time for him to head home.  He left some change on the table for the café staff, and left the café to drive home to play with his new zograscope.

(Fred’s Zanyism, copyright Steven S. Walsky, 2014.)

 Z Words:

Zabaglione:  frothy custard

Zabaglione photo per Wiki

Zabaglione photo per Wiki

Zanyism:  buffoonery

Zarf:  ornamental holder for hot coffee cup

Zenography:  study of the planet Jupiter

Zograscope:  optical device for viewing stereoscopic images


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