Understanding the whyfor


There are lots of words that can confuse young children as to the whyfor of the word.  Here are a few:

Hotdog: Even if you do not spell this ball game staple using the two separate word variant, the youngster my wonder what exactly is for lunch.

Photo. Buycostumes.com

Photo. Buycostumes.com

Hawse: Depending on how one pronounces this word, it can infer either the ride the child wants to go on, or the distance between a ship’s bow and its anchor.

Betwix: Thanks to television advertisements, most children should understand that betwixt means between…however, they probably believe the full definition is ‘undecided between the right and left half of a Twix bar.’


Bumper: Every First Grade boy knows the meaning of bump’her.  And to the dismay of females, ‘boys’ continue to show their wisdom well into adulthood when they partake a bump’her car ride at an amusement area.

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