Haiku dreams

Because I will be away from WordPress for the next week for fun things, I thought I would combine three posts into one; a three verse haiku.  This first haiku verse is in response to Haiku Horizons prompt “try”; the second is ‘freelance’; and the third verse was inspired by RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #27 Joy&Freedom ( please note that I did not use both words).


 One learns early on,

to try is admirable.

Two dreams meld as one.


 The sun is asleep;

room lights are dark for the night.

My mind kisses you.


 My heart sings with joy,

my feelings float so alive.

In her dreams I dwell.


Please visit both blogs to see the other haikus.  And please note that I will not be able to read your posts or respond to comments while I am offline for fun things.

(The haiku is copyright, Steven S. Walsky, January 2015, all rights reserved.)

9 thoughts on “Haiku dreams

  1. Such a natural and lovely flow of haiku, Steve… I really enjoy seeing how much you can reveal in just 3 lines.
    “My mind kisses you”…quite a phrase that will stay on the back of…my mind. 🙂

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