The 2:04 PM morrigan

1 008The following passage from my novel Simplicity Lane is posted in response to Esther Newton’s January 15, 2015 Weekly Writing Challenge #35, where she asked for us to “please send in your ghost, crime, thriller, horror etc. stories/poems/articles for this week’s challenge.  I look forward to being scared!”


2:04 PM: Charenton left the blue Honda on a side road.  He laughed about this.  Simply a force of habit, as there was no longer any reason to cover his movements or hide his identity.  He looked up and saw there were clouds moving in; the sun had receded into the safety behind them, and the air tasted of pending rain.  Good theatrics; ominous clouds and pending rain.  He had never used theatrics because you were begging for problems when you allowed extraneous things to get into the act.  Then, today was different; today he would have some fun.  When Charenton reached One Twenty-Three Simplicity Lane he knew he would have time to settle in.

Stedman’s pond was moving from tranquil to slight agitation as the mood of the weather changed.  It was the tree line behind the pond that caught Charenton’s attention.  The stand, oblivious to the movement of the wind, was death still, as in the totality of death, not simply ‘dead’ as a synonym for lack of movement.  Within the stand were trees that had long crooked limbs that stretched out like arms bent to both beckon you forward and to swoop down and hug the breath out of your feeble lungs.  Arm-like limbs that grace the pages of nightmarish stories parents read to their children because of their own ignorance to true evil.

And, high on a branch was a lone crow.  A big, deep, unforgiving darkness of night-colored, still crow.  It was looking at him.  Charenton stood and stared back; the crow was unmoving.  It moved Charenton.  Charenton recognized evil.  “*$#*^&% morrigan!”  He turned and made his entry up the path to the house.

(Simplicity Lane, copyright Steven S. Walsky, 207.)


Please read all of the story submissions on Esther Newton’s blog…and why not accept her new writing challenge!

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2 thoughts on “The 2:04 PM morrigan

  1. As always, very well written and intriguing, Steve. I saw this book is available at Smashwords, but because we live in a scary old house, I’d rather not read something that will make me want to leave the lights on. I’ll stick with your stories of love and relationships! 🙂

    • Thank you Maddie. Good thing I did not use the part about strange sounds coming from the attic; oh, wait, guess that comment alone is ‘old house creepy’ 🙂

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