The pen is mightier than keyboard text!

ScaleThis post was inspired by the February 1, 2015 Literarylandofalysia post: Creating with Soul; which asks the question, “Does it really matter if it’s by hand or computer?”  Recently I was visiting in Florida, and I took my customary long morning walk to the small Indian Shores Coffee Company, 19221 Gulf Boulevard, Indian Shores, Florida.   This was the second time a family member has walked there with me, and, as before, I commented on the wonderful 1960’s friendly coffee house 1379469_10151940191525250_2105648923_natmosphere and the fantastic fresh baked in the café muffins.  And I am sure that when the evening live music is playing, the entire experience would be wonderful.


As we were sitting there, I mentioned that I have not found a place back home to write at since a specific coffee café closed.  Indian Shores would be an ideal place to take my pen and paper, sit at a table, and write.  The atmosphere, customer traffic, and view from the windows would be superb. My companion looked questionably at me, “You write long hand?”  “Yes, and I get strange looks from others engrossed in their laptops and tablets.”


I write my ideas out by hand because the flow of words from a pen onto paper connects to my mind; whereas a computer screen seems to somewhat disassociate the words; the mental, human connection.  And, I do not mind the extra time involved in transposing the written words into electronic format. I feel the extra step gives me a fresh view; ‘sound’ of the thoughts. The surrounding  atmosphere is equally important.  Since the local coffee café closed, I have tried other coffee places and the library; to no avail.  This does not imply that others would not find those places writing complementary.


Each person has to find their individual place.  For me, I want a relatively quiet place that has inside foot traffic and windows with views of life passing by.  An atmosphere that is idea stimulating, yet not distracting.  Work on my next novel has suffered from my failure to find a writing spot. I hope you find your writing spot.


1497643_10152097588430250_224914678_nOh, as the norm, I purchased two fresh baked muffins; one to eat there with my coffee, and one for the next day.  OK…as the norm, I ate the second muffin that afternoon.  I can not wait until my next trip to Florida!


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