On a Pedestal Table (132 word short story )

This 132 word short story is in response to Esther Newton’s Weekly Writing Challenge for March 5th, to use the five highlighted words in a poem or story.  Please visit her blog for the other submissions, and for writing tips and markets for your writing.

On a Pedestal Table

Few would disagree that going into the house was a test of raw stupidity; nor, would they argue that exiting alive would be anything less than a miracle.  Then, what’s a little murder among friends at midnight.   Besides, the mud colored sky only added to the allure of adventure.  Thus, with mask affixed, he steeped over the threshold, through the open doorway, to be greeted by the sensuous aroma of chocolate and malt.   A bowlful of Maltesers sat calling on a pedestal table to the right of the door.  As he reached for a handful, she shot him; twice.  The Director called “CUT!”  Odd, thought the Director, this simple scene had already used six takes and two bowls of Maltesers; ‘when will they stick to the script and stop eating the candy!’

(On a Pedestal Table, © Steven S. Walsky, March 2015.)


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