How ‘Odd’, an A to Z Word List


Today’s look at the English language was influenced by Esther Newton’s March 16, 2015 Monday Motivation Challenge Special to write a short story, where the first sentence starts with A, the next B and so on, right through too Z.  Thus, here is an A to Z list of odd/unusual words to help y’all.

Absterge: wipe clean; expunge; purge; purify.

Babeldom: a confused sound of voices.

Cafard: depression; the blues.

Deosculate: to kiss affectionately.

Enow: enough.

Fatalism: doctrine that events are fixed and humans are powerless.

Gynics: knowledge of women.

Haussmannize: to open out; to rebuild.

Ideopraxist:  one who is impelled to carry out an idea.

Jolterhead: clumsy oaf; blockhead.

Kakorrhaphiophobia:  fear of failure

Ladronism: banditry; robbery.

Matutinal: of, like or pertaining to the morning; happening early in the day.

Nakedize: to go naked.

Oppidan: urban.

Palative: pleasing to the taste or to the palate.

Quiritation: complaining; lamentation.

Raisonneur: person in a play or book embodying author’s viewpoint.

Sensiferous: conveying sensation.

Tacent: silent.

Unzymotic: fabulous.

Velation: act of veiling; secrecy.

Watchet: pale blue.

Xystus: covered walkway for exercises.

Y’all: Yes, y’all is not an odd or unusual word. I added it in case you needed a fine Y word to articulate your: second-person personal pronoun, both singular and plural, and both nominative and oblique case, in Southern and friendly English.  🙂

Zwieback: sweet toasted biscuit.



On March 23, 2015 I posted an A – Z short story using these words.

8 thoughts on “How ‘Odd’, an A to Z Word List

  1. I love this, Steve! It’s fascinating. May I post it on my blog next Monday? I’m going to post the A-Z stories a few writers have sent in and I think they’d love to see this. I’m chuffed to bits to think my idea inspired to write this. It’s brilliant 🙂

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