Fun with Homophones #9: Swiss Chocolate Palate

FWH9It’s time once again for Fun with Homophones


Swiss Chocolate Palate

In his favorite bar, Bob placed the fifth large bar of Swiss chocolate next to the gold bar that ran along the edge of the bar, and thought, ‘barring anyone taking it, I will be able to enjoy this treat for passing the Bar Exam this morning’.  Officially a lawyer, and no more intense studying, Bob was now intent to devote some time to his playwriting hobby.  The weeks of prep had barred Bob from his bard relaxation.  It was eight at night, and Bob’s ego soared as he ate the reward chocolate like the dual of a sword duel winning knight; savoring each bite.

More importantly, once employed as a lawyer in the capital, Bob would have the cash capital to have a large cache of Swiss chocolate.  His palate would be a pallet for the wood palette load of chocolate.  There was nothing discreet about his game winning ‘don’t waste a bite, forget my waist’ attitude; thus, his companions were discrete.  Bob had continued to maul the chocolate since they had left the mall.  At first his friends did not want to miss the chance for chants as Bob stuffed his face. Now however, enough was enough.  They thought they should wrest the candy away from Bob so he would give the munching a rest.

Sanity arrived when Bob said that his stomach hurt.  Thankfully, the answer was now in sight, and his buds had insight.  They could defuse the situation and not incite Bob’s wrath.   His friends suggested a draught of ale for his ail.  Once Bob took a sip, he realized the dryness of his mouth was a chocolate infused drought.  Each member of the group raised his Bud, and the new found joy diffused.

They won and would remind him the next day,”Oh, you owe us one.”

(Swiss Chocolate Palate, © Steven S. Walsky, June 2015.)



2 thoughts on “Fun with Homophones #9: Swiss Chocolate Palate

    • Thank you Robin. My inspiration is trying to find humor in the auto-correct computer generated wrong word typos readers find in my work (even though I keep turning auto-correct off). For example, I learned from a reader comment that the computer inserted ‘sole’ instead of ‘soul’…kind of a fishy mistake! 😉

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