Fool’s Paradise Day is on July 13th


In honor of Fool’s Paradise Day on July 13th, let us think about ideas for opening lines using unusual words, puns, and, of course, homophones.

– When the sad King asked the fool for a joke, the fool just shrugged because he was the court gesture.

– The spotlight echoed off the cast iron figurine and cast an eerie glow on the actor, as if he was apart from the rest of the cast; as if, in a social caste all by himself.

– The zalambdodont ate so much on their dates that he decided, to the heart break of the zelophobia, to quit cold turkey.

– He watched as she opened the vial, and was immediately overwhelmed by a vile odor.  No faint aroma was this perfume; it was strong enough to make Superman faint.

– How many times had she heard the galeanthropyer’s joke about a cat that ate some cheese and then waited for a mouse with baited breath.

– What obsessed Tobbious was a gnawing feeling that something dreadful was about to happen.  Nevertheless, he is a good mediagenic band leader and is always in tune with what’s happening in order to be up-beat.

– The foolish potter liked to make wisecracks, to the dismay of the art gallery.

Unusual Words

Galeanthropy: Belief that one is a cat.

Mediagenic: Able to present a good image in the media.

Zalambdodont: Having molar teeth with V-shaped ridges.

Zelophobia: Irrational or fear of jealousy.


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