Building Blocks (eerie memories make for good stories)

Themxx(Continued) The police officers would soon discover that her family trailer had been ripped open from the outside; the rest of the family was missing and presumed dead. She would briefly respond to strange sounds emanating from the desert; but the police would miss this.  The audience would eventually be told the sounds were from giant man-eating ants…Them…that had mutated as a result of atomic bomb tests.

The movie "Them".

The movie “Them”.

However, one 6 1/2 year old boy in the audience immediately KNEW that sound…he had heard it nightly outside his bedroom window!  Sounds that now echoed eerily around him as he walked home with his father in the darkening June night after seeing his first horror movie…man-eating cicadas (aka ‘locusts’) …they covered the large trees which lined the streets leading back to his house.  No way did he sleep that night; and he became extra careful when outside.

That experience may have been sixty-one years ago, nevertheless, the sound of cicadas beings back instant memories of that first horror movie, Them…and an avoidance of caves in New Mexico 🙂


17-year cicadas of eastern North America.

17-year cicadas of eastern North America.

Each day we experience happenings that become the memories of tomorrow. Sometimes the inspirational strength of the event is silent; voiced only later when we reflect on the past.  Other times, the vocalization of the possibility of turning life’s moments into a novel is quite loud…OK, maybe not a novel, but at least a short story.

Think about your ‘building blocks’; we can not write without them.



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