Building Blocks (fruit salad)

fruitsalad(continued) Not liking grapefruit, or its juice, I picked up my salad fork and selected only the fruit I wanted to eat.  While engaged in conversation, the ladies immediately around me began eating their fruit.  Suddenly, one of the ladies noticed that she had unconsciously followed my lead, and had been using a fork; not the appropriate spoon. Then, the other ladies noticed they had followed suit.  All began laughing…and that laughter followed me for the next ten or so years.

Condiments are also an illustrative item.  Would your character use catchup, mustard, or mayonnaise on French fries?  Should the character be standing outside the Hauptbahnhof, what condiment would he/she be dipping the bratwurst in?  Think about your character; would an Australian desire the same condiment as a German, American, or Asian?  Steve dips his fries in mustard; and at a fine BBQ establishment he normally picks the fries up with his fingers; not with a fork…adds to the dining aura.


Reading a sentence where the character does something ‘out of character’ sends a message; he is/is not really ‘xxxxxxx’.  Thus, an undercover agent has to follow the dinning rules of the environment.

Remember, you are what you eat…and how you eat it.

Think about your ‘building blocks’; we can not write without them.

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