The Job Interview (Flash Fiction with Puns)


(Continued) “Where else have you applied locally?”  “At the coffee bistro; but I did not think they had grounds to operate in the black.”

“We like to present a worldly image; have you traveled outside the country?”  “Yes, I went to France and fell off a Paris bridge…my companions knew I was in Seine.”

“I went to France once and I got lost in the streets of Paris,” he said ruefully.

I decided that the interview was getting out of hand; remember, if you give some managers an inch, they’ll think they’re a ruler.  Thankfully, I was saved when he bent over to pick up a sieve and strained himself.  Seeing that he was in distress, I said that we should end the interview.  He had my phone number, so I would be expecting a yes or no call.

On the way out of the Mall I mentioned to someone that the snow cone guy had hurt his back.  “He used to be a personal trainer and quit his job because it wasn’t working out.”

Maybe I’ll take the job I got offered at a bakery, because I knead dough.

(Steven S. Walsky, September 2015,

Don’t wait too long for a summer snow cone; soon all you’ll have is icy slush.



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