A Real Life Raisonneur (325 word Flash Fiction)

A Real Life Raisonneur2

(Continued)  After their ‘I missed you kisses,’ she went to the kitchen to retrieve some refreshments.  The recess from rapture gave him a chance to look around the room.  He noticed the rare raad in the fish tank, and his relativism training rang a bell in the recess of his mind.  He did not want to be shocked.  True, he had reviewed their relationship last night; nonetheless, he was somewhat reluctant to rate it as a revue, not sincere.  ‘Don’t let your mind roam,’ he reminded himself; ‘love, like Rome isn’t built in a day!’

When she returned, they ‘talked about the weather’ and became relaxed.  She remarked that even though he was a novelist, like herself, he was not a ragabash.  “A raconteur maybe,” he replied.  Then he noticed that her watch was not on her right wrist.  “What happened to it?”   “Lost it at the spa,” was her forlorn reply.

Reluctantly the time rushed past, and it was that moment when you had to say good night.  Yes, recess was over.  They embraced as one, and shuffled to the door.

When the door closed behind him, he thought, ‘a lovely lady who lost her watch has become a timeless beauty.”

(A Real Life Raisonneur, © Steven S. Walsky, October 2015.)


Odd Words:

Raad: electric catfish.

Ragabash: idle worthless fellow.

Raglan: having sleeves going all the way to the neck.

Relativism: doctrine that knowledge and truth are relative to contexts.

Rifacimento: recasting of a literary or musical work.

Raisonneur: person in a play or book embodying author’s viewpoint.

Raptus: trance; rapture; seizure.

Roborant: strengthening drug or tonic.

Raconteur: teller of anecdotes.


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