Building Blocks (Nuns the wiser?)



(Continued) I watched as several Nuns on the platform began handing baggage through the window.  Suitcases, boxes, paper bags, baskets; far too much for just two Nuns…least for the small compartment.  When the last bag was received, the overhead racks and floor were overly filled.

Then the unimaginable took place.  First one, then the second Nun climbed through the window; assisted by the Nun that had been receiving the baggage and Nuns on the platform!  Yes, they climbed through the window!  Three Nuns were now crammed into the tiny space between the two three-person row seats.  Being the gentlemen, I got up, giving one of the Nuns my seat; and I exited the compartment.  Since the hallway itself was over crowded with passengers, I edged my way to the end of the car; and stood wedged against the exit door.

The ride from Rome to Milan took about nine hours, and I stood the entire way. Sleep?  I did cat nap leaning against the wall.  Dream?  Not that I remember…how does one have any imagination left when he had just seen two Nuns climb through a train car window.

Ferragosto is an Italian public holiday celebrated on 15 August, coinciding with the major Catholic feast of the Assumption of Mary. It is also the summer vacation period around mid-August.

Think about your ‘building blocks’; we can not write without them.

Milan railway station in 1970 - Neapolitans heading home for Ferragosto.
Milan railway station in 1970 – Neapolitans heading home for Ferragosto.










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