“The Day I Texted Santa” by Paddington Bear

The Day I Texted Santa

(Continued) I was using what’s his name’s computer to catch up on Facebook, when I noticed a draft letter to Santa.  Knowing that Santa was in his most busyness time of the year, I naturally wanted to help both Santa and the prospective gift recipient.  The logical thing to do was to text Santa to ensure that he had received the request, “BTW, DdU gt d gft RQ 4t pony?”

An hour later I received a reply from Santa, “wich gazillian kid S it 4?”

“A1 kid on d blok!”

“Sure, n dnt 4gt d cookies.”

I then thought I would amuse Santa with some fantastic holiday humor.  Like, Santa’s helpers are subordinate clauses, and I tried wrapping Christmas presents, but I didn’t have the gift.

That’s when Santa sent me the text, “I jst 404 my appetite n d pony!”

Yep, Santa lost his appetite and the pony.  So there was no pony that year; yet, still fantastic gifts…and, although I was sad, I nevertheless helped Santa’s upset tummy by eating all the cookies!


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