National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

(Continued) She looked out the window; some honey bees were flying around and dew was on the grass along the drive her honey was due to drive up.  The scene the day she met him played once again in her mind.
She had gone grocery shopping after a horrible day at work.  While standing in an aisle looking at different brands of flour, she could not forget her boss having asked her earlier to participate in a wile plan.  Then, Mary’s mind was jarred when she overheard a man telling a funny joke to a woman holding a jar of jelly.  “Did you know that a box filled to the brim with jars of jelly is jam-packed?”  The woman laughed aloud, and then continued on her way.  He looked over at Mary, who was trying to curb a laugh, and smiled, “Hi…that was my sister and she’s allowed to laugh in public…so are you.”

‘Fantastic smile’, thought Mary, as he walked away.
When Mary left the store, he was sitting on a bench by the curb to her left.  He rose and handed her a beautiful red rose.  As she stood there holding the flour she had purchased and the bright red flower, he did a bright thing by asking her name and if she would like to have coffee with him.  Mary replied, “Only if you tell me another pun.”  Her soon to be beau thought for a moment and then said, “Did you know that Eve showed up one morning wearing flowers instead of a fig leaf.  She was the first woman to wear bloomers.”

They met just before his afternoon tee time; Mary had tea.

(© Steven S. Walsky, 2014.)

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day2BTW, remember that April 2 is not the appropriate day to entertain a poor suffering arachibutyrophobiac (fear of peanut butter sticking to roof of mouth).








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