How ‘Odd’ an A to Z Word List Take Two


Haplography: the inadvertent omission of a repeated letter or letters in writing (e.g., writing philogy for philology).

Illecebrous: tending to attract; enticing.

Jark: the seal of a counterfeit document.

Katathermometer: a device consisting principally of an alcohol thermometer, used to measure air cooling.

Lamprophony: loudness and clarity of voice.

Marline: a small cord of two loosely twisted strands, used as for winding around ropes or cables to prevent fraying.

Navette: jewelry; a gem, usually not a diamond, cut as a marquise.

Obnubilate: darken, dim, or cover with or as if with a cloud; obscure.

Palaver: noun: prolonged and idle discussion; verb: talk unnecessarily at length .

Quisle: to serve or act as a quisling (betrayer).

Remontant: (of a plant) blooming or producing a crop more than once a season.

Saponify: turn (fat or oil) into soap by reaction with an alkali.

Tacenda: things not to be mentioned or made public—things better left unsaid.

Undecennial: occurring or observed every eleventh year.

Vitrifacture: the manufacture of glass and glassware.

Wellaway: interjection used to express sorrow or lament (i.e. ‘alas’).

Xystus: (shrewish wife of Socrates) ill-tempered woman.

Yarnwindle: A device for winding yarn into a ball.

Zill: one of a pair of round metal cymbals attached to the fingers and struck together for rhythm and percussion in belly dancing.  Wait! Per the Urban Dictionary: A ferocious dangerous creature that gnaws fingers and toes off.  Known to inhabit basements and lurks on poles and other small dark places.  Sometimes will attempt to lure victims by making small calling noises and pretending to be friendly, but then attacks without provocation.  Very small versions of this are referred to as WeeZills.

For additional odd words read my 2015 post: How ‘Odd’, an A to Z Word List.




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