National Tell a Story Day (“The Election”)


John comely responded, “You may smile and like to shake hands; but, BUT, you have no idea what is going on around you. No, you see only ‘you’ in the mirror; only YOUR property is important; other people’s property is for you to use.”

“So I bumped into you at the gym…I’m sorry, accidents happen; I was in a hurry. How can you say such utter BS about me…what, we go to the same gym, and you think you know everything there is about me?”

The Chairman quickly called the meeting to a close.

After the local newspapers wrote about John’s experience at the gym, the ‘you think you know everything about me’ candidate lost. Most people felt it was John’s final comment as he left the meeting, “I know everything about you…I literally had to walk a mile in your shoes!”
(The Election, is fictional, © Steven S. Walsky, May 2014.)




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